Project Site Feasibility / Aquisition
RockBuild can work together with partners to secure sites in both on or off market opportunities, including assessing the project in terms of site design, construction and feasibility.
Project Design
RockBuild can manage the project design and review process to ensure design excellence whilst maximising building efficencies in terms of time and cost.
DA Management
RockBuild can manage the project design development process, including submission of the Development application to council. Our services include managing consultants and liaising with council and other relevant authorities.
Construction & or Project Management
RockBuild can undertake the construction of the project directly, acting as a principal contractor or as a project manager, responsible for the overall management of an independently appointed principal contractor.
Project Marketing & or Coordination
RockBuild can establish and manage a direct project marketing team with its existing partners or it can coordinate an independent project marketing team to market and sell the development..
Joint Venture Partnerships
RockBuild is open to Joint Venture / Partnerships with single land owners or land alliance groups to develop their land parcel. RockBuild can partner in any capacity including as an equity partner, construction or project management partner.
"RockBuild Development covers Residential & Mixed Use Markets"