Visions & Strategy

"RockBuild understands that relationships are built on trust. RockBuild strives to ensure that it provides its customers with a relationship that builds trust every time through its commitment to its core business values"


Superior Performance
RockBuild prides itself on providing a superior service to our customers through a strong offsite and onsite management culture that focuses on the needs of the client & the project
Quality Construction & Management
RockBuild provides effective planning, with a high degree of quality in our construction and management service through forward thinking which enables effective communication with our clients & subcontractors ultimately creating places which serve their intended purpose.
RockBuild understands that construction projects by their nature can often evolve into a variety of unforseen directions. RockBuild encourage a customer driven culture throughout our business ensuring a flexible approach wherever possible to work through & resolve issues with our customers as & when they arise
RockBuild's cornerstone belief is building trust in relationships with its customers, through providing reliability each & every time. RockBuild understands that customers value reliability in service performance, capability, budget control & program delivery
Problem Sovling and Innovation
RockBuild believes every project is a partnership and are invested in it just as much as you are. RockBuild is committed to overcome any challenges through effective problem solving & innovation from the planning stage through to completion
Work, Health & Safety
RockBuild is committed to practicing a strong Work, Health & Safety Policy. This is achieved through a strong management culture & audit process that drives a zero tolerance policy to ensure all project participants maintain their responsibility in terms of site safety for both themselves and others around the project.
Competitive Pricing
Whilst RockBuild will never cut corners, RockBuild will always work with the client by way of design review or addressing the clients project budget issues as required in a collaborative effort to provide maximum value in both service and product.